Note to GOP Establishment: Childers has no chance against McDaniel

Note to GOP Establishment: Childers has no chance against McDaniel.

this is the VERY FIRST TIME in my lifetime I can say I will voting for a truly conservative candidate for ANY office.  Looking at the voting records of  Cochran and Childers is not that far apart.  I is that what the establishment wants, if they do they are shooting themselves NOT IN THE FOOT, BUT IN THEIR KNEES!

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I believe if a poll were taken, Reeves would be voted the smartest, most adept politician in the state right now, maybe Most Likely to Succeed. He learned much at the feet of the political master, former Gov. Haley Barbour.
This needs a bit of modification. If you believe that Tate has learned IN THE PAST FROM THE Gov-emeritus, realize he still takes plenty of advice from HB. If you think old politicians fade into the woodwork, think again when was the last time you saw Haley Barbour speak to a beautiful blond on Fox News?

Mississippi PEP

A group of 15 Republican senators — about half of the GOP ranks and nearly a third of the chamber — held a secret meeting(s) last week to discuss their displeasure with Maximus Tater. As with most things at the Capitol, it didn’t stay secret very long. But I should note, they really, really didn’t want this column coming out today.

They are trying to form a “conservative coalition.” Their stated goal will be something along the lines of “working within the Senate structure of leadership, but at the same time making sure the will of the people is allowed to flourish and reaffirm the legislative process.”

But their real raison d’etre is they’re getting tired of what they describe as Lt. Gov. Reeves’ iron-fisted control over anything they do and the lack of access to his inner circle of Senate leadership (known affectionately around the Capitol as the “Tater…

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With many budget constraints facing Mississippi, there is little, if any, justification to increase spending with money’s we do not have nor expect to receive.
It is totally indisputable that you can not generate revenues if the resources are limited. Without significant economic growth in the economy of our State, you can not expect to fund more than we already pay for. Unlike the Feds who just keep spending money BORROWED FROM CHINA, the printing and digitizing of dollars by the Federal Reserve, Mississippi lives on that reserve limited currency.
There will be plenty of opportunity for those not on Medicaid to deal with the
Federal exchange to buy their own health insurance, on Uncle Sam’s bankruptcy.

Mississippi PEP

Gov. Phil Bryant was pilloried by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and others in the national media when he recently said regarding the Affordable Care Act: “There is no one who doesn’t have health care in America. No one. Now, they may end up going to the emergency room. There are better ways to deal with people that need health care than this massive new program.”

But the fact is that Bryant’s perception of how public health care is delivered at street level is accurate. The poor, the uninsured and illegal immigrants are in fact flooding hospital emergency rooms to get health care. The problem is that doling out public health care through emergency rooms is the most expensive means of doing so.

Lawmakers will be whipsawed between justifiable concerns of the unknown long-term costs of Medicaid expansion and the state’s hospitals and advocacy groups supporting expansion to offset the costs of…

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Happening all over the U.S.

Something that is happening all over the United States right now is the collaboration of the PEOPLE with their State and Local governments.

In Jackson, Ms members of the public and the Tea Party are meeting in the State Capitol in a meeting room to discuss what the agenda will look like for the next session. The general public in Mississippi is becoming increasingly aware of the assaults on their freedoms from the overreaching forms of government.  Awareness of that reality has come to State officials in Ms to observe and hear what the people are saying.  Lt. Government Phil Bryant, who is also a professor of Government at Mississippi College, recognizes the Sovereignty of the people.  So today he is holding a meeting with those members of the public who want input to the State Legislative process to speak.

A number of experts are writing what amounts to the Federalist Papers and Common Sense (Thomas Paine) to inform us (We, the People of the United States of America) about the issues that are being dominated by the heavy handed legislation courtesy of the Federal Government.  And it would seem that the appetite for learning what the experts are saying is insatiable.  The internet is such an incredible tool that makes it virtually impossible to keep the people out of the loop.  While the Federal Government is trying to shut the people out of the governing process, it is not, at this time, able to do so.   And the awareness by the people to stay connected is obviously heightened so as not to allow a slip down the slope to drop us from the process.

It seems much of the focus is being concentrated on the legislative processes that broker away our rights to liberty.  So we go to the ultimate guide for securing our liberties, the U. S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  Serious  violations of the Constitution have been occurring even as early as 1798 with the passage of the “Alien and Sedition Acts”.   The jealousy of free speech, expression, religion is so sacred that the American spirit almost could be said to be written on the American gene pool.  It is a hallmark of the American culture.

Fast forward to the present.  We are even being instructed by the President, not to listen to the bloggers, naysayers or the OLD TIRED HARDLINE RIGHT, because they offer only failed and unsubstantiated policies.   But the unrest can not be quashed.  Even the media, is becoming aware of the violation of free speech when the President tried to eliminate Fox News from the press pool.  At great triumph was the allegiance to free speech by the rest of the press saying,  “No you can’t do that Mr. President.”  In spite of the fact that the President was charging that Fox News is not really a valid news organization.

We have newly discovered revitalization of American political spirit.  The PEOPLE are embracing their unalienable rights.  They see that the government is ruining the economy, passing legislation that is diametrically opposed to public sentiment, they call the tax payers names that do not suit the reality of their real needs, which is creating a climate for allowing the business community to create jobs.  He embarrasses himself and the American people by apologizing for exceptionalism.  What part of that does he not understand?  When Americans need a hole dug, they find the nearest shovel and get to work.  They do NOT call the Department of Labor for Government issue.  Likewise when the political climate gets untenable, they find a way to get the attention of their government to change their strategy.  If it would take finding a new government, I trust them to do just that!

That is what is happening all over the United States.  American is finding a way.

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Protection of the People

If we are to remain a peaceful country, we must enforce the laws we have so that the people will have some peace.

This author believes that “We, the People” are screaming for enforcement of our laws on the books! And this Administration seems to be ignoring the ones we have. The rule of law is a time honored notion that this country was built upon. In fact, as far back as the Magna Carta, people were screaming for the RULE OF LAW. And that is why the Magna Carta was written. It is the first recognizable event where that tenet has gained traction to bring peace to a nation.

Fast forward several centuries, the Founders of this great nation reacted to tyrannical rule and through much deliberation, prayer, fasting, recognition of the wisdom of a Higher Power, such men as Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin who worked and wrote and deliberated some more, created the Declaration of Independence and all those HISTORICAL EVENTS THAT GOD PERFECTED TO OCCUR. And this country came to be! Remember?! It was the design that political power is to be derived by CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED! THAT IS SUCH AN IMPORTANT FACT EVERY AMERICAN NEEDS TO REMEMBER!!

Now we have numerous examples of how this Administration has taken the law in his own hands to assume the role of the JUDGE, JURY AND LEGISLATOR OF EDICTS for the proper conduct of private companies! Violations and breakage of private contracts that have the force of rule of law have been compromised by fiat by the President of the United State with regard to the take over of the Automobile companies, insurance companies, and financial institutions.
The President has pushed the Congress to effect a Health Care Bill that FORCES the people to buy instruments of coverage that any given individual may not wish to purchase. Many consider this to be unconstitutional and was done while ignoring the will of the people. (Remember the town hall meetings of last summer?)
The President has decided that his words may become law by executive order such as the DISALLOWANCE of FOIA with regard of activity of Interpol for what ever purpose he sees fit. (December 16, 2009, White House website).
He has allowed moneys from the Treasury of an amount of up to $200 Billion to be used for what purpose–no one can gain information about! It is worth noting that Brazil’s oil industry gained a large influx of cash immediately afterward for new research and development of deep water drilling in the Caribbean.
The Citizens of the United States have some questions about the validity of Barack Hussein Obama being eligibility to be President of the United States. There are Constitutional requirements to which the People of the United States have not been given access. Now this should certainly be transparent to the general public, and neither the President nor the Leadership in Congress have been forthcoming with the evidence. In fact, there is substantial requirements that the President has not allowed to be revealed. And just this past Fourth of July weekend, there are new published reports about that question the eligibility.
By fiat the President has extorted private companies to reserve $20 Billion for a reparation fund for damages due to the Oil Spill occurring on April 20, 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana, while HE himself seemed to be doing NOTHING to aid with the clean up process, even at the pleading of the Governors of the States of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama.
Christians have been precluded from practicing their religious convictions in the public square which is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution, while Muslims have had free reign to conduct their services even on the steps of the U.S. Capitol.
It is interesting to note that there seems to be continued aversion to protect the people of Arizona and Texas with regard to Border security. Many violent incidents have occurred that have injured citizens of these two States while the States themselves have been trying to protect its people. And just today, we learn that the Department of Justice is filing suit AGAINST the State of Arizona for its efforts for populace protection by way of the Arizona Law S B.1070 which has not yet gone into effect.

The Department of Justice has chosen not to defend other laws of long standing that violate civil (voting) rights PARTICULARLY and SELECTIVELY where the victims are white and the perpetrator is black. This is an NEW POLICY where in the view of the present DOJ such allegations are not warranted for pursuit. The Civil Rights Commission is trying to get the rights of the voter protected, but the appeal process by this Commission is to where?—the Department of Justice which is the exact target of this case! See Fox News for further resolution of this case. And this author strongly urges the reader to follow this subject CLOSELY.

We are looking to the Republican Party to gain new backbones to strengthen their resolve for the rule of law. It remains to be seen when Representative Joe Barton (R) of Texas apologized for having revealed the “shake-down” by the President of BP Oil Company. Where are the people to look for protection, when the Republican Party shows no interest in so doing?

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How very sad and how insensitive our President!

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