I believe if a poll were taken, Reeves would be voted the smartest, most adept politician in the state right now, maybe Most Likely to Succeed. He learned much at the feet of the political master, former Gov. Haley Barbour.
This needs a bit of modification. If you believe that Tate has learned IN THE PAST FROM THE Gov-emeritus, realize he still takes plenty of advice from HB. If you think old politicians fade into the woodwork, think again when was the last time you saw Haley Barbour speak to a beautiful blond on Fox News?

Mississippi PEP

A group of 15 Republican senators — about half of the GOP ranks and nearly a third of the chamber — held a secret meeting(s) last week to discuss their displeasure with Maximus Tater. As with most things at the Capitol, it didn’t stay secret very long. But I should note, they really, really didn’t want this column coming out today.

They are trying to form a “conservative coalition.” Their stated goal will be something along the lines of “working within the Senate structure of leadership, but at the same time making sure the will of the people is allowed to flourish and reaffirm the legislative process.”

But their real raison d’etre is they’re getting tired of what they describe as Lt. Gov. Reeves’ iron-fisted control over anything they do and the lack of access to his inner circle of Senate leadership (known affectionately around the Capitol as the “Tater…

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