With many budget constraints facing Mississippi, there is little, if any, justification to increase spending with money’s we do not have nor expect to receive.
It is totally indisputable that you can not generate revenues if the resources are limited. Without significant economic growth in the economy of our State, you can not expect to fund more than we already pay for. Unlike the Feds who just keep spending money BORROWED FROM CHINA, the printing and digitizing of dollars by the Federal Reserve, Mississippi lives on that reserve limited currency.
There will be plenty of opportunity for those not on Medicaid to deal with the
Federal exchange to buy their own health insurance, on Uncle Sam’s bankruptcy.

Mississippi PEP

Gov. Phil Bryant was pilloried by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and others in the national media when he recently said regarding the Affordable Care Act: “There is no one who doesn’t have health care in America. No one. Now, they may end up going to the emergency room. There are better ways to deal with people that need health care than this massive new program.”

But the fact is that Bryant’s perception of how public health care is delivered at street level is accurate. The poor, the uninsured and illegal immigrants are in fact flooding hospital emergency rooms to get health care. The problem is that doling out public health care through emergency rooms is the most expensive means of doing so.

Lawmakers will be whipsawed between justifiable concerns of the unknown long-term costs of Medicaid expansion and the state’s hospitals and advocacy groups supporting expansion to offset the costs of…

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